The Big Night (1959)

Action, Crime, Drama
Elsa Martinelli, Mylène Demongeot, Rosanna Schiaffino, Tomas Milian
In Rome, small-time thieves Scinttilone and Ruggeretto steal four rifles and catch prostitutes Anna and Supplizia on the street to mislead the police. They seek the jobber Mosciarella, but he is at a funeral and gives them no attention. But Gino "Bellabella" overhears them and offers to deal the merchandise with another contact. He fails and the whores present a deaf-mute acquaintance who lives on the outskirts of Rome to buy the guns; the prostitute Nicoletta who was with the man returns to Rome with the quintet. When the youngsters propose to have sex in the middle of nowhere, the prostitutes believe that they intend to leave them there. Scinttilone, Ruggeretto, and Bellabella sneak out to the car and leave the women in the countryside. Later they discover that the women stole their money. They seek them out on the streets and fight against another gang. However, when the police arrive, the six youngsters leave the place together and head to the house of one of them, and Ruggeretto falls for the host's sister. However, Bellabella steals the host's bountiful wallet and Ruggeretto fights him to get the wallet and return it to the host. While they are fighting, Scinttilone flees with the wallet to the house of his girlfriend Rossana. Ruggeretto chases Scinttilone along a night of alienation, illusions, and adventures. —Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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