Mountains of the Moon (1990)

Adventure, Drama, History
Richard E. Grant, Iain Glen, Fiona Shaw, Pip Torrens
In the Nineteenth Century, the British writer, geographer and explorer Captain Richard Francis Burton meets the Lieutenant John Hanning Speke during a dangerous journey in Africa and after being saved by Speke, they become friends. Soon they team-up to seek the source of the Nile River sponsored by the Royal Geographic Society. Meanwhile Burton meets his fan Isabel Arundell and they get married to each other. Burton and Speke travel for many months through Africa where they face brutal tribes, diseases, hunger and many other dangers together. Speke finds a lake that he believes it is the source of Nile river but Burton disagrees and believes they need more scientific research to be sure. When they separately return to London, the ambitious publisher Larry Oliphant stirs up a quarrel between the two friends and Speke travels alone to Africa trying to prove his findings.
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