Eat Me: A Zombie Musical (2009)

Action, Comedy, Horror, Musical

The 7th Circle of Hell is for those who commit violence against art (grifters, hypocrites and falsifiers, too). They sit on flaming sand ... and drive a church bus across the heartland to a midnight rave where Death awaits, disguised as a cheese sandwich. Eat Me: The Musical is Tommy meets Dawn of the Dead - the epic odyssey of Peter (AKA John Lonely), the reluctant Rock n' Roll Messiah of the Great Vulvalution. He drives into the afterlife, goaded on by a talking chicken, seduced by Satan's Ex-Wives and tested by Scientologists. The highway to hell is littered with challenges: vegan redneck cannibals, homicidal Little Red Riding Hoods and horny zombies in bondage gear, plus the 40 oz Jesus, Jimmy the Buddha Dog and a Star Trek landing party. Fornication conquers all. Eat Me features performances by The Falsies, metal band Thismeansyou and the acoustic vibe of Thrum - with walk-on performances by singer/songwriter legend Devon Sproule and Richelle Claibourne of Soul Sledge. The song list includes: Asian Panties, Satan is a Good Lay, We've Killed for Less and Are You Sexually Available? video Includes: *? Eat Me: The Musical (84 min) * Funky Dickenson Music Video * Blooper Reel * Bonus Short: Dinner Party of the Damned
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