Animal (2014)

Action, Adventure, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Keke Palmer, Elizabeth Gillies, Joey Lauren Adams, Jeremy Sumpter
Jeff and step-sister Alissa take their study buddies Matt, Sean and Mandy along on a weekend hike to the woods of their home town, which are scheduled to fall prey to development. Bickering over he route and program costs so much time they can't get back to the car before sunset. Worse, wandering by flashlight the stumble upon a werewolf-like predator. Overconfident hero Jeff falls victim to its blood-lust while he diverts it so the rest can make it to the only cabin home in the woods. There they are welcomed by Carl, his wife Vicky and grumpy Douglas, three adults who got stuck their 'under monster siege' and duly doubt the use of Sean's efforts to call for help before his cellphone battery died. While anxiously fighting off the monster's attacks on weak points in the cabin, disagreement on what to do gets ever more bitter. Matt volunteers to make a run for it so seek help while the others distract him, only to be dragged into the basement as the monster's next kill. Now the strife is whether to leave no one behind or as Douglas champions to sacrifice the weakest to give the others a fighting chance.
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