The Dunning Man (2017)

Comedy, Crime, Drama
Sisse Marie, James Carpinello, Lindsey Blackwell
Connor packs his stuff and leaves Ursela's apartment in New York City. She was born rich and has made it on her own in the fashion world, working at Vogue. Connor is more blue collar, though Ursela gave him some money and he has bought three units in a condominium complex in Atlantic City. Ursela is shown from the back later when he sends her a letter, but that's it.Connor visits Uncle Bishop, who essentially raised him. Apparently something happened to his parents, I think we do see them in color home movies, with young Connor. This is never confirmed, but I can say we see some pleasant family moments in color home movies. The family is Irish and Bishop and those who know him have gotten in some trouble in their lives. I get the impression what Bishop does is illegal.Connor assures Bishop that he can make it on his own without help. Bishop seems willing to help but is glad he doesn't have to, and the two have a nice conversation.Then Connor finds out what he has gotten himself into. One of his units is rented for $3000 a month for six months. It's not clear who rented it, but maybe someone who entertains people in Atlantic City. If it is Erika Dietz-Hoffman, she's not paying her rent and Connor is having trouble getting in touch with her. But the Chechen brothers may be in the $3000 unit and Erika is just the one whose name is on the lease.Most of the attention is focused on a downstairs unit occupied by the beautiful Alice and her 9-year-old daughter Ava. Alice wants to improve herself and she is going to college, and she likes to cook, but for now she is wearing a uniform with a bowtie to work, whatever that work is. Alice is very nice and I think Connor likes her. She's with Jerrod right now, but he's mean. And she does have complaints that Connor needs to address. The air conditioning doesn't work (this is a problem for everyone, it seems, and the reason Erika won't pay). And the people upstairs are too noisy when they have sex.Connor goes up and Sharon is naked. We later learn her boyfriend is rapper or singer (it's not clear which) Stryker Jones. He's actually nice and he and Connor become friends. They even have intelligent discussions, such as his beliefs about Maslow's hierarchy, a concept I remember learning about in college. But he still intends to make noise when he and Sharon have sex or when he has parties, which are essential in his line of work. He and Sharon appear ready to resume activity even while Connor is there, and certain body parts are hidden creatively, and some are blurred in the edited-for-TV version. Something in Stryker's place cannot be seen on TV.The Chechen brothers do not necessarily have the $3000 unit, but they have already done more damage than the rent is worth. Ferdinand and Ramos have an animal act in Atlantic City and an actual tiger in the apartment in a cage. At least one of them wears an animal costume and the other is a crazy and apparently violent lunatic who resembles a pro wrestler. There is lots of cash and Bishop thinks they are laundering money.So the rest of the movie focuses on Connor getting his money so he will have something to live on and something to pay his bills with, and staying one step ahead of those who want to do harm to him. His misadventures include getting threatened by Erika's goons, including one guy who looks like Pee Wee Herman but has a very intimidating but almost robotic voice.
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