The Black Forest (2018)

Action, Horror

Innocent Clara, a frail foundling that has matured under the care of compassionate herbalist Pai Pedro, ventures into the dense, peril-laden forest, unaware of the risks involved. And as Clara stumbles upon the big bad wolf in the shape of a dying man and a mysterious leather-bound book of unholy incantations, the promise of immense riches lures the unsuspecting young woman into an all-night ritual to save a lost soul. However, practising the black arts requires skill, knowledge, and dedication. Now, to right the wrong, Clara delves deeper and deeper into the boundless, forbidden realm of black magic and witchcraft, conversing with forces far beyond her comprehension. And the evil haunting the Black Forest demands sacrifice in exchange for granting its dark gifts.
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  • Rodrigo Arag√£o Director:
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