The Tattered Wings (1955)

Action, Drama, Romance

Takahiro Tamura returns home to visit with his family. Years ago, Hideko Takamine and he were in love, but her parents made a better marriage for her, to the eldest son of a wealthy brewer. They meet at her husband's grave -- Tamura had been a friend of his -- and old sparks fly, although Miss Takamine has accepted her fate as a widow with a young daughter. Tamura learns of the reality of her marriage: his mistress, his physical abuse -- and tries to convince her to run away with him to Tokyo, even though her brother-in-law, Keiji Sada, wants to marry her.It's a straight-up soap opera, raised above average by a great cast. Writer-director Keisuke Kinoshita argues that people have a right to be with whom they love, even as society, gossips, and the gutter press push them towards miserable conformity. Will Miss Takamine agree to take a chance on happiness, or retreat to dull, prosperous conformity?
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